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What Happens at Laura’s

Laura’s motto has always been that “everybody needs a bit of help sometimes” For some children this help is difficult to access either through lack of resources in our local area or due to economic restraints. The aim and purpose of Laura’s Place Family Support is to fill these gaps so EVERYBODY can  get the help they need.  Laura and her staff are passionate about families being able to access assistance even when funding runs out. Laura’s Place Family support endeavours to provide financial assistance for families who do not have the economic resources to otherwise get support.

Bereavement Support Groups

Throughout the Central Coast children have lost parents to illness, suicide and violence. There are no groups on the Central Coast to help these children and their remaining families through such difficult and traumatic times. The long term consequences of such trauma left are multitude; from school avoidance and antisocial behaviour to drug abuse and early suicide. The ambition of Laura’s Place Family Support is to run continuous groups for children and parents providing a safe and holistic environment in which to process trauma.

Incredible Years Programs

Laura brought the principles of Incredible Years to Australia. This is a unique, evidence based longitudinally effective positive parenting program. The program provides positive effective tools for parents to use with their children from 0 to18. This is the best possible way to build stronger, happier families and an extremely effective early intervention tool for conflict and dysfunction. Laura’s Place Family Support will support access to this program for families who cannot attend due to demonstrable economic hardship.

Resources Library

Families often find themselves in need of specialised resources to help their children –books- equipment – toys. All of these are expensive and often the suitability for the individual child can only be gauged after purchase, potentially leading to a waste of already limited funds and a want for suitable resources. “Waste- Not-Want Not” aims to build up a ‘library’ of the most commonly recommended resources  in order that parents may try them out for suitability for their own child and thus be able to spend funding on the best possible aids for their individual.